Entrance group

For the manufacture of each element of the entrance group we use only the best materials, otherwise there is no question of any quality. It all starts with the fact that we evaluate the existing type of facade and then we develop a design project, thereby demonstrating our vision of the finished object: the integration of outdoor advertising, binding forms to existing structures as well as the color palette.

Then we go directly to the drawing part and take control measurements, process the necessary materials, carry out partial assembly, deliver and install. Thus we significantly reduce time costs and achieve better quality.

There are a number of questions that we take into account in each project:

What is the budget for this project?

To do this we make a commercial offer with different types of materials as this parameter affects the final cost. Materials are classified on the basis of their characteristics, that is with a slight change in appearance you can use more budget material (or equivalent) thereby seriously reducing production costs. Or vice versa, if there is a need to stand out and make your facade more attractive to use premium materials without overpaying and at the same time have a much better look. In any case the price will be from the manufacturer.

What kind of facade will be informative in an urban environment?

Often in the development of entrance groups advertising integration is used, depending on the type of activity, therefore it is important to take into account the environment, trite so that nothing interferes with the review. Also affects the presence or absence of illumination this issue is solved at the design stage.

What is the time of manufacturing the entrance group?

Here everything is individual, namely the terms are formed based on the complexity and volume of work on this object and can last from a week or more. We always try to optimize the process to reduce time costs.


To order an entrance group you simply need to call our specialist for free.

Below you can see the options of our finished objects: entrance groups of shops, restaurants, bars, offices, shopping centers and evaluate the level of professionalism on your own.